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MA YING Advance Despite Mok Left Game


Tony Lau scored 12 points after Mok left game as MAY advance to 2nd round.

Next: “Elite Eight”


A round up of May 12 and also the schedule upcoming.

Raimondian Game 2013


As the Raimondians in HOOPS.HK grew older, lost to injuries, or being parents, in order to get more legs, it is time to follow our mother school: add some female participants.

Tigers Spoil Explorers’ Re-Union


It would be a very unusual circumstances when no other teams have more players than G.T. Explorers in any given night, but they really did on the first day of Original Four this year. SOUTHORN Tigers, however, still started the series by beating G.T. Explorers 49-31.

Statisticians’ Manual


This section is a copy of the Basketball Statistician’s Manual by FIBA. INTRODUCTION Following an initiative by several stakeholders of the global basketball family, the FIBA Statistics Manual that has existed since the early years of computed statistics, and that had been revised in 2005, has been completely reviewed and brought up to standards. The […]



(Jean Grey “Phoenix” from Marvel.com) There are not a lot of basketball players died in a game, but the basketball life of a player could end when they, for instance, lost just one single ligament or broke a tiny little bone. Some of these unfortunate players have come back, and some could be even stronger than before […]

Down The Stretch 2013 (Apr 7 Round-Up)


Four games finished on April 7 as the play-off picture is getting clearer.

GRIZZ Rout Depleted Tigers 43-28


GRIZZ beat short-handed Tigers 43-28 on Sunday behind 15 points from Tony Chow (GRI #11) and split their first two games in 2013 this year. Droste Stefan (GRI #24) was two points shy for a double-double with eights points and eleven boards.

PHO, CHU Surging, SOU, RYD Continue Slump


[ March 4 Round-Up ] CHU, PHO remain unbeaten, RYD, SOU still win-less.

Collapsed Dream Team miss Semi-Final


The two-time champion Dream Team has as their streak of reaching final four snapped at four after a 30-47 blow-out loss to H.F.C.