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Raimondian Game 2013

2013.04.29 12:43

As the Raimondians in HOOPS.HK grew older, lost to injuries, or being parents, in order to get more legs, it is time to follow our mother school: add some female participants.

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In the mean time we have at least enough heads to START another Raimondian Game (i.e. FIVE (exactly!) previous players from each team responded already, more to come, hopefully) and therefore we are going to have two 6th-wo-men in Cindy Lee (HK side in white) and Mak Ching Yi (Kln side in green).

[ Raimondian Game Homepage Revamped ]

The Raimondian Game homepage is revamped and the game photos were finally updated also to the website (whao, ten months has past…), the game video at Harbour Road Sports Centre will follow very soon.

More details to be announced soon.

Update: Cindy Lee will be out of town in early June and shall miss the game.



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