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Raimondian Game 2013


As the Raimondians in HOOPS.HK grew older, lost to injuries, or being parents, in order to get more legs, it is time to follow our mother school: add some female participants.

Down The Stretch 2013 (Apr 7 Round-Up)


Four games finished on April 7 as the play-off picture is getting clearer.

GRIZZ Rout Depleted Tigers 43-28


GRIZZ beat short-handed Tigers 43-28 on Sunday behind 15 points from Tony Chow (GRI #11) and split their first two games in 2013 this year. Droste Stefan (GRI #24) was two points shy for a double-double with eights points and eleven boards.

Tigers Spoil Explorers’ Re-Union


It would be a very unusual circumstances when no other teams have more players than G.T. Explorers in any given night, but they really did on the first day of Original Four this year. SOUTHORN Tigers, however, still started the series by beating G.T. Explorers 49-31.

Mar 27 Round-Up: Can’t Just Be Good for Only 40 Mins


FORCE Division leading B.O.B. stay hot and remain unbeaten, GRIZZ improved to 4-1 and G.T. Explorers continue to fall. However, the most exciting game was the nail-biter between Dream Team and Chung Sing as the last game on March 27.



Led by Benny Wong, Ken Leung, Patrick Tse and Edward Fong, aka “The Four Scorers (Scholars) of Southorn (JiangNan)“, SOUTHORN Tigers is established with Raimondians including Will Kam, Anthony Yeung. Cindy Lee, Edward’s university class-mate, and Terence Chan, her fellow jong-mate during university time. Also joined the team is Wilson Chow, Benny’s work-mate, and Clifford […]

Black Hawk Down


New team MA YING did not suffer from a first loss until the referee blew the whitsle at the end of overtime. Benny Wong scored seven of the team’s 12 points in the extra period and SOUTHORN Tigers won its second game this season in a 57-53 victory.

Trojans outscored Tigers 57-44


Ken Leung’s personal best 11 points with 3 treys, along with also 11 points from Ben Cheng and 10 by Benny Wong were spoiled in another loss to Trojans, who also had three players scored in double figures. Jerry Lee and Michael Lau each scored 11 points and Mike Mak added 10 as Trojans defeat […]

Cherry edged “Joey” to be 3-point Queen


.three_point_result { background: #ccc; font-size: 11px; } .three_point_result tr{ background: #fff; } Cherry scored nine points with two money balls and beat Chun Hong Tsoi in the final round to become the three-point queen.

Ben, Ben, Bang


Three Tigers scored in double-figures and they handed Chung Sing second loss in a row. SOUTHORN Tigers used a one-point victory over Chung Sing to improve to 1-1 in the division this season and win both meetings against Chung Sing.