2024-05-24 08:02:53

Southorn Basketball Flag 2011 Update

2011.05.22 08:27

Six teams enrolled (so far) to the Southorn Basketball Flag. More than some other teams are in conversations, just not yet decide and cannot yet confirm by payment. We are targeting to have two, four or six (at most) more teams to begin the summer-time series.

  • Application deadline: 2011 June 11, 23:59 (payment time);
  • Rules: http://hoops.hk/sbflag_rules.pdf (PDF file in Chinese);
  • All games will be played by “new rules” (i.e. “new” 3-point line, “No-charge semi-circle areas“, etc), unless a game is played at a court with only the “old lines”.

Read more from the series’ website.