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I am back

2011.08.15 12:28

Trojans is the three-time SBL champion. But in Southorn Basketball Flag they are like Matrices, just another team lost to B.O.B., the unbeaten team this summer.

Matrices will re-match B.O.B. on Sunday at Sheung Wan Sports Centre in the Final of this summer series, after beating Trojans 45-33 at Harbour Road Sports Centre last Sunday.

Under the double-elimination format, should Matrices able to win on Sunday, an ultimate final by the same match-up (on September 4 at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre) will determine who is the winner this summer.

Last year, Wild Six, the team with several players now in Matrices’ uniform, beat Photons in the second game and win the Flag series.

While the loser-bracket is finished along with Trojans’ exit, the consolation-bracket now comes to the final stage too. Dream Team beat SOUTHORN Tigers 43-33 and will face GRIZZ also on coming Sunday, fighting for the 5th place of Flag. On the other hand, the Tigers will face long-time friends-and-or-foes again (on September 4) for 7th place against SAMURAI.

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