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Quick Update on Standings

2012.04.16 00:19

FORCE Division — Setting a new league record of 87-point effort on Sunday, Dream Team (4-2) locked the second place in the Division, which all the five teams’ places were finalized. Photons (5-0) beat GRIZZ and after beating again short-handed MA YING (2-3), SAMURAI snapped a three-game losing streak and brought a 3-3 record into playoffs with the 3rd place in division. Ryders (0-6) was only two points away from getting a first victory and remained the 5th team in the group.

FLIGHT Division — While Spartans (3-3) already locked a 3rd-place regardless of today’s result, SOUTHORN Tigers (2-4) kept a hope to stay at 4th with a second straight victory after GRIZZ (1-4) failed to get a second win yet. The top and bottom two in FLIGHT Division will be determined by the H.F.C.-GRIZZ match-up on April 22. Chung Sing (5-1) would enter play-offs as the first seed if H.F.C. (4-1) cannot bring five wins into May.

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