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Who are Your NBA Top 10?

2013.02.19 16:48

While a majority of our players in HOOPS.HK is still only 30-something (so please take care!), Michael Jordan turns 50 on just the past Sunday (2013 Feb 17). Here we just prepared a small, special edition to celebrate this: Who are the top 10 players in our eyes at this point?

It is NOT always the guy with the two hands in the above picture. And DON’T MISS THE VIDEO LINKS below.

Unreasonable (at least some) choice from Benny:

  1. Michael Jordan – Reason needed?
  2. Magic Johnson – He was my #1 before the one above him dominates, allow me add one more link as I fail to put him top
  3. Larry Bird – A name that is *bundled* with Magic
  4. Hakeen Olajuwon – His dream shake against my favourite 7th below puts him here at 4th, and more here
  5. Tim Duncan – Fundamental, fundamental. Still one of the best in the League even he is 36 (our age group!) now
  6. Kevin Garnett – Besides his roar, trash talk and passion, I just cannot forget his up-and-under dunk
  7. David Robinson – a 7-feet centre that can run faster than a guard, and he scored 71 points
  8. Wilt Chamberlain – I would not put names here I have never see him play but a 100-point game?
  9. Lebron James – I don’t really like him now, but I have to be honest to basketball, he’s just, that, good. Toni Kukoc – I concur with Lawman (see below) and changed my mind but instead of Kevin Durant (which I expect he will be my number one SOON, if not already IS), I want to put the “Euro-Jordan” here, what a lefty that plays every position.
  10. Reggie Miller – Just because his name should be here in top 10~ And who said skinny cannot play! (get out of my way!)

Danny (MAY #9) is NOT the only guy not having Jordan at the top:

  1. Kevin Garnett – Hard Working, makes teammates motivated, loud and communicates (Not the best player ever, but my favourite player)
  2. Michael Jordan – Skillful player, desire to win every game, works hard also
  3. Lebron James – Unique body, big and agile, has fun but is a winner
  4. Kobe Bryant – Win, win, win… just win! Killer instinct
  5. Shaquille O’Neal – Dominant player! No one can stop him! BIG!
  6. Hakeem Olajuwon – Quick, very skillful and has a lot of moves!
  7. Bill Russell – Don’t know much about him, but 11 rings…! what more do you want? maybe 12.. 13.. 14……
  8. Tim Duncan – Boring…..! But what can I say… he does the job
  9. and 10. Magic & Penny – Plays with style, entertaining, fun.

Au Chiu (SAM, MAT), our own “Raimondian God of Basketball”:

  1. Micheal Jordan – 第一次三連冠後退役,重踏上球場輸左兩季再一次三連冠,輸得起頂得住壓力係我覺得佢最神既地方。第一次三連冠助攻俾Steve Kerr 同第二次三連冠偷走Malone個波再Cross over break 左Russian angle 射入jumpshot 最勁
  2. Magic Johnson – 細細個有睇,但都係大個啲先知佢勁乜!當年係無 Magic 咁高既人打PG,即係第一次睇 Bolt 破世界記錄咁既感覺,神高神大跑得咁快!而且佢技術全面,華麗到位既助攻得到魔術手稱號!當時好多PG都無佢扶,同時由佢實現快速反擊打法,成就Lakers Showtime.
  3. Phil Jackson – 無睇過佢點打波,但佢有禪師外號,籃球場上除左球員仲有教練!
  4. Kobe Braynt – 佢宜家技術絕對可以比美Micheal Jordan. 5次總冠軍說明籃球係練習加上決心得出場上信心的真人表演!
  5. Larry Bird – 80年代話俾全世界知係美國白人都識打波,獨特投籃出手,準到無人有,同時知道乜係 team work,睇佢帶 Pacers 3年入決賽就知,說到做到,話只教3年就3年,勁。
  6. Robert Horry – 好多球星都無冠軍指環。但佢打3隊夾埋7隻,籃球係5個人落場,沒有Robert Horry 咁既人邊有咁多星!
  7. Allen Houston – 相信NBA歷史上無幾多次playoff 以第8名打到入Finals. 99年就有New York Knicks 仲有幸亞視有得睇,睇住Allen Houston 一球一球外圍射到入決賽真係激動到講唔到野!當時Ewing退左休既Knicks 係我認為沒有正中鋒的機動式打法真正面世,其實5個當年既starter 同樣出色,但我沒法忙記Houston既外投!
  8. Kevin Garnett – 沒有懶惰的運動員就係KG. 場內場外都唔偷懶,人地100%佢就120%,唔愛命係佢打法同面部表情俾到我既信息,有咁既隊友打波可以完全放心!
  9. Shaquille O’neal – 咁既高度咁既磅數但係可以咁樣打波,無野好講!只有佢先可以令Kobe都放心交個波俾佢做野!
  10. Kevin Durant – 新一代球員,打法輕鬆,心理質數強,出來只短短幾季就打到入決賽,打破了主導了近10年的體力化外表,技術能有一日千厘的進行!

Gilbert (MIB, SPT, SAM) got some special choice too (and he do a reverse order…):

” My ” Top 10 NBA players to date

From honorable guest Lawman who only took part in Raimondian Game:

Top ten? No, I can’t agree with Benny, let’s be emotional, u dislike someone, kick him out!

  1. Michael Jordan – that’s bruce lee in basketball man, and grow up with us in our prime time
  2. Penny Hadaway – Magic mixed with MJ, but the result is like… 90% Magic, 70% MJ
  3. Shawn Kemp – f**king hell, that’s power, that’s dunk during a game!
  4. Hakeem Olajuwon – his skills and moves, both attack and defense, man, are so good)
  5. Magic Johnson – when one saw his passes, one would try to copy, simply too cool. And he proves that nothing is impossible, HIV is nothing.
  6. Dr J (Julius Erving) – like the St John of MJ, very creative.
  7. Clyde Drexler – well, if it is not MJ…
  8. Kevin Garnett – all rounded, solid
  9. Dennis Rodman – he’s in fashion
  10. Wilt Chamberlain – cant help to put him becoz’ he reminds us that this world is unfair and impossible is nothing


All are personal comments from individuals only. Feel free to name yours too!