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The 700th Points

2013.05.27 10:32

Tabo Chak (HFC #92) has scored 699 points in 57 games in the Southorn Basketball League entering Sunday, when H.F.C. face Photons in the second round of 2013.

He spent the first period of his 58th game with passes, rebounds and some dribbles. The first attempt he had did not go. Down 13-14 early in the second period, Tabo scored on a long jumper which helped H.F.C. to take an one-point lead.

[ View Video of Tabo’s Jumper for his 700th Point ]

Michael Chan (DSR/SAM), who did not play in 2013 and Jerry Lee (AVN #9) are the only other two players with over 500 points in the League. Michael had 565 points in 46 games while Jerry had 509 points in 52 games before he played against Spartans on Sunday.

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