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Tabo Chak’s 500th Point


Tabo Chak became the first player ever reached the 500-point mark in Southorn Basketball League on Sunday when he scored two points from the field against Wyverns. The historical shot came quietly from a put-back tip-in during the second period.

Six Hundred Points by Tabo


Tabo Chak had 600 points behind him now.

Tabo reaches 400 in HFC 2nd win


H.F.C. spoiled the defending champion Dream Team’s seaon debut with their depth, especially the first player in SBL to top the 400-point mark. H.F.C. win their second straight game this season after a 46-29 victory over Dream Team, who played with Man Chun Chow, their leading scorer last season, on the sideline only.

Tabo’s buzzer beater shocked SAM


Tabo is not scoring as many as before, but is still one of the best. With 5 seconds left and the game is on the line, Tabo Chak caught an in-bound pass, drive to the basket in traffic and hit a jumper in front of Eric Ngai and James Kwan. This final basket of the […]

Tabo as Scoring Champion 2007


Tabo Chak scored 15.4 points per game in SOUTHORN BASKETBALL LEAGUE Season 2007 and be the scoring champion for the second straight season. Tabo Chak has his number dropped from 18.7 in previous season as teammates stepped up and shared his load. The H.F.C. star averaged 16.8 points all-time in the league.

Scoring Machine


Tabo Chak (HFC #92) needs only nine more points to become the first S.B.L. players to reach the 500 point mark, and he has the chance on April 10 when H.F.C. face Photons.

The Second SBL Champion


With two new teams joined to play, and started in late September of 2006, the second season ended in the first week of 2007. In their second season, SAMURAI lost only once in five games before play-offs, an one-point loss to M.I.B. The first-seeded team however lost just in their first play-off game against Trojans, […]

EMP to Defend Title at MacPherson Stadium against TRN


While we cannot yet know which two teams to be play in the Final in the USA, there are two teams will fight for championship in Kowloon.

Down to Four Teams


EMPEROR has won 23 times in 24 games, while Tabo Chak needs 23 points to reach milestone, and three more games are needed to decide SBL champion 2016.

SBL Scoring List


The League is now almost ten years old, and the statistical numbers have accumulated so much, while we may never say we are really professional statisticians, but at least besides fouls, points is the single most consistent and accurate statistics among all others.