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SBL ’15 Division Draw

2014.12.01 17:21

(Image stolen from HKJC)

A draw will be held after the Preseason Games on Dec 7 for Southorn Basketball League 2015. Here are two special arrangements applied to this season for placing the teams in two two divisions:

  1. Only two of the three new teams (i.e. NEP, OMG, MLN) will play in the same division. The three new teams will be drawn first. After two teams were drawn, the third team will put back to the mix of the rest of the league;
  2. PHO, the defending champion, will not play in the same division with 2nd runner-up EMP. These two teams will be drawn after the three new teams and before the rest of the league.

[ HOOPS 2015 Tentative Game Dates ]

Example (but not covering all scenarios):

  • If PHO is put in division A, EMP will be automatically put B, vice versa;
  • If NEP is put in division A, the second new team drawn, either OMG or MLN, will be automatically put in B. The last new team can be in either A or B by random as the rest of the league.
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