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Collapse Or (The Unexpected Joy of Comeback)

2015.02.26 17:01

There were only three games (recorded) in SBA history with a bigger-than-10-point comeback, SAMURAI were in all three of them.

The Southorn Basketball Association is not that professional, unable to count every play-by-play, the item “biggest lead” is not something officially recorded in each game. But counting a scoring margin through three quarters is not a difficult task.

Up to now, the were three games when teams with a ten-point deficit (or advantage, depends on your point of view) at the end of the third period, rally back and won (or failed to hold on and lost, again, depends on your point of view) in an (un)fortunate manner. SAMURAI was involved in all of three, while they were the happy team in two of them.

In 2010, G.T. Explorers were down by 12 points through three periods. Translation: you need three four-point plays and three stops to tie the game, provided you are lucky enough to be fouled three times while making all the three attempts from deep. Anyway, GTE won by five points at the end. It is still the biggest comeback recorded so far.

SAMURAI is on the other side for the next two times when similar things happen.

In 2011, the only day when the Original Four was an unfriendly one-game event when teams are required to play two games within the day on Bruce Lee’s birthday, SAMURAI erased a ten-point deficit and held SOUTHORN Tigers to only two points in the final stanza for the win.

And this year, they did it by zero players on their bench.

Trailing by twelve points at the beginning of the 4th period against NEW EMPEROR, a team with only one player wasn’t born after the 90’s has come, SAMURAI used a 17-0 run and turned it to a five-point victory. Patrick Lai (SAM #2) had 9 points in the run while scoring all his eleven points in the final period, while the younger brother had two three-point basket including the final out that sealed the game.

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