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2015.05.26 09:49

Chow Man Chun (EMP #26) scored eight points in semifinal against Fluke and it was exactly his 600th points in Southorn Basketball League. He is the 4th player to the club joining Tabo Chak (HFC #92), Nikko Kwok (HFC #84) and Michael Chan (OMG #10).

The EMPEROR shooter is averaging 9.2 points in 65 games, in which he had 142 points in 16 games for EMP and 458 points in 49 games as a Dream Team player. Flag included, Chow has already reached 700+ points before entering semifinal this year.

Meanwhile, Tabo is 11 points away from becoming the first 900-point player in the League. He can do it in the Final, when he will face Chow and EMPEROR on May 31. Tabo and H.F.C. have never played in the Southorn Basketball Flag.

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