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Hoops Around The World


The first non-HK born player in Southorn Basketball Association is featured in the middle of the picture above. Of course, we are not talking about the one who is shooting the ball, even though he does have chestnut-coloured hair. Ever since the very first game hosted by the Association, we have had foreigners taking part, […]

Flag 14 #4 – Fluke Is No Fluke


A team formed from scratch, the only fluke is the 19-point effort in the season opener. Fluke, actually, is no fluke.



(This is the Japanese version of this post entry) 写真の真ん中にいる人は、修頓バスケバール協会(SBA)初の外国人プレーヤーである。もちろん、ボールをシューティングしている栗髪男ではない。協会最初のゲーム以来、ずっと外国人の参加することがある。この昔からの伝統は現在までに、うまくいけば、将来にも続けるを見込んで喜んでいる。

Half-Way Through


Half of the Southorn Basketball Flag 2014 is completed. Extreme will not face EMPEROR (in Flag) and the re-union of Dream Team is delayed (if they play and meet in SBL).