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In or Out? – May 15 Preview

2011.05.08 09:14

It is too complicated to explain the standings in FORCE Division. So, forget it. Let us check this out: A win by LA Star or a lose by SAMURAI will determine their vacation time this season, and you may fill as many as five teams in the empty space of the above photo. Games on May 15 will be played at Western Park Sports Centre and Sheung Wan Sports Centre respectively.

@ Wester Park Sports Centre

18:15 – GRIZZ (4-1) vs SAMURAI (1-4)

A win by GRIZZ will confirm their first place and a bye-round-one in play-offs. They will try to do this against SAMURAI who has their back to the wall. SAMURAI must win this game to stay in the play-off picture, at least for a couple of hours more until the DRE-LAS result is known.

19:25 – H.F.C. (2-3) vs Wyverns (2-3)

Failed to become the first player to score 500 points in April, Tabo Chak now needed four points to reach that goal and if he can do that together with a win for H.F.C., they can go back to the second spot if Photons lose on the same day. Wyverns will confirm a 6th place if they lose this game regardless of the results of the other games of the evening.

@ Sheung Wan Sports Centre

21:00 – Dream Team (4-1) vs LA Star (1-4)

LA Star has only one win in five months and their next if not final chance to get a second win is against Dream Team. Hopefully, they may not need to win it to advance, they may just pray for GRIZZ to beat SAMURAI, who will lose tie-breaker to them if both teams end up for the same result.

22:00 – Trojans (2-3) vs Photons (3-2)

Photons simply need a win and will confirm a second seed in FORCE Division while Trojans, the struggling defending champion. Trojans, meanwhile could fall to even 6th if they cannot beat Photons on Sunday and Wyverns win their 6th game since joining the League.

Dream TeamGRIZZH.F.C.LA StarPhotonsSAMURAITabo ChakTrojansWyverns
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