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Getting Clearer

2013.04.09 09:59

With only two game days left, the play-off picture of Southorn Basketball League 2013 is getting clearer.

FORCE Division

While B.B.B. (5-0) has the highest chance to enter play-offs as the first seed, the defending champion MA YING (4-1) still could put them behind by a victory on April 28. No matter how, the top two seeds are out for grab for the rest of the division. Things are still unclear, however, for the rest of the division.

Photons (1-3) can climb for the third seed but only can they do so with two victories down the stretch. If they win both of the next games including the one against Dream Team (2-3) on April 21, Photons can improved to 3-3 and a win a tie-breaker against Dream Team for a third place. In other words, Dream Team can secure the third place if they win in this match-up unless the following 3-way tie happens. As complicated as it could be, however, Spartans (2-3) may get involved in a tie with both teams if Spartans beat Ryders in the last game on April 21.

As complicated as things could be, there can also be another 3-way tie. If Ryders (0-4) beat Spartans AND Photons while Photons lost to Dream Team, Ryders, Spartans and Photons will all be 2-4. In such case, Ryders could be ranked 4th (beating both other 2-4 teams), while that means Dream Team will be 3rd, and since Photons beat Spartans before, they will be 5th and 6th respectively.

It’d be better to wait for April 21 for further look at the potential final ranking.


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FLIGHT Division

The top seed from FLIGHT Division remains to be seen by the Final game between H.F.C. (5-0) and Avengers (4-0). Even Avengers lose its next game on April 21 against The Expendables X (then become 1-4), a win on Apr 28 against H.F.C. will win for them the tie-breaker. This is the very last game before play-offs which means the final standings can only be known in the very last minute.

With an over-time victory over GRIZZ (3-3) on April 7, SAMURAI (3-2) is locked as the 3rd seed no matter they win or lose in the game against the Tigers on April 21. GRIZZ (3-3) is also locked at the 4th place after the loss.

Lost four games without a win, both The Expendables X and SOUTHORN Tigers will be fighting for the second last spot in their match-up on April 28, regardless of their result on April 7.

If the play-offs started today:

Play-off bracket snapshot thru 2013.04.07

AvengersB.B.B.Dream TeamGRIZZH.F.C.MA YINGMok Chung MingPhotonsRydersSAMURAISOUTHORN TigersSpartansThe Expendables XYip Tip Sum
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