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One Last Chance

2013.09.04 11:42

Defeated for only the first time in the Southorn Basketball Flag 2013, SAMURAI has one last chance to win a title on September 8, when they meet Photons a third time in two months before the summer time really ends.

After a close first half as Photons managed only a 19-18 advantage, Jordan Chan (SAM #6) was the only player who score for the team. This one-basket-only period gave SAMURAI a hole too big to come back, as Photons managed double-figure lead throughout almost the rest of the game, and forced a second game to determine a winner.

SOUTHORN Tigers beat M.I.X. 55-48 in the same evening to rank 5th overall as M.I.X. ranked 6th.

Photons and SAMURAI will face again on September 8, 17:00 at Sheung Wan Sports Centre before the 7th-place game at 18:00 by Mystery and Twisters.

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