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The winning-est team is…

2016.04.23 22:15

The team with more championships may not be the the winning-est team.

In terms of total wins, H.F.C. is the best with 61 games* followed by the 46 victories by Photons. Dream Team has won 34 games in Southorn Basketball League and if we put it together with EMPEROR‘s 22, this is still only 56 and is a bit behind H.F.C.

Here are the Three-Time Finalists – There are five teams reached Final for at least three times before this year.

Team All-Time League Record
H.F.C. 61-26 (.701) HFC was the SBL champion in 2007, and they were first runner-up last year and also in the second season of the League. They lost to EMPEROR and Trojans respectively.
EMPEROR 56-20 (.737) EMP, the defending champion, won consecutive titles under the name as Dream Team in 2008 and 2009, altogether they have reached the Final four times and won three of them.

Note: the record is 22-1 for EMP, while 34-19 for DRE

 Photons  46-27 (.630) PHO were 1-2 in those three big games: they lost in Final in 2008 (lost to DRE) and 2012 (lost to MAY) before they beat EMP in 2014. PHO was upset by Millennium in second round last year and did not join this year.
Trojans 33-17 (.660) TRO also reached Final three times, and they won each of them and become the first team to own the trophy of the League. They have never reached Final again after they renamed to Avengers and currently Train.
MA YING 25-13 (.658) MAY had won only once in their four tries of the championship games. They lost back-to-back Finals to Trojans from 2010-2011 before winning it against Photons in 2012. They lost to B.B.B. in 2013.

Notes: H.F.C. and Trojans met in the second season of the League when there are only six teams. Since the league expanded to two-division format, H.F.C. and Trojans had reached Final only twice.

* Again, only League games were counted.

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