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Happy New Season


Tip Off! The League began in the busy two-week span right before the break for the Chinese New Year. Here is the January round-up.

Jan 16 Round-Up


Two weeks into the season, Chung Sing’s brief (and amazing) lead in division with their season-opening victory is done as GRIZZ took a second win to top it after edging La Star. Dream Team also played two games and dropped Chung Sing to third in standings. H.F.C. started 2011 with a 62-30 victory and is […]

DRE outplayed TRO in Semi-Final


Trojans can only watch Chow and Dream Team from behind now. Man Chun Chow and Ka King Kwam each scored 13 points and Seung Lung Chin added 12 points in Semi-Final for Dream Team, who beat Trojans 50-39 and will try to defend their championship on June 28.

WIL 42, DRE 40


Kenny Li and Wild Beasts did not want the game in overtime. With about 3 seconds left, Kim Fung Chan hit a game-tying free throw before missing the next, Dream Team failed to protect the board as Kenny Li grabbed the ball and put it to the basket as time expired. Wild Beasts took a […]