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FLAG To Begin on July 22

2012.06.18 14:32

Eight teams are going to take part in the Southorn Basketball Flag this year:

  1.  (final team name TBC)

Matrices, joined only in FLAG series every year, will try to repeat as the winner of Flag (it could be their third time regarding Wild Six the same team). Trojans, the three-time SBL champion which may use a new name this time, missed the League this year but will continue their fight in HOOPS.HK from July. Ryders will also join the Flag series as a new team in the League this season, looking for a first victory since taking part in this HOOPS family.

A lottery for the bracket will be held on Sunday (June 24) and the schedule will be announced as soon as possible. The first game day is July 22.

Dream TeamMA YINGMatricesPhotonsRydersSAMURAISOUTHORN TigersTrojans