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Anfernee’s 15 Lift Avengers

2013.05.28 12:25

MVP: The TEAMYung Huen Ling scored a team-high 15 points but next to nothing other than points, the guy is in the above picture only because this photo is nice, Leung Sai Man has only two points (but dished five times), the tallest Avengers was scoreless and Jerry Lee did not score in the final period. Still, they stretched their 2013 winning streak to seven now.

That was … the best game of the evening: Avengers is the only team to scored over 40 points in second round, and this is the only game of the evening when two teams combined for over 80 points. High scoring game is usually more entertaining, and fun to watch. It is also only the 10th 84-point game in 2013 so far.

Play with one ACL: Wan Kong (SPN #5) fixed his torn ACL in February and started the game on Sunday. On only one knee, he finished the game with two points, one steal and assist apiece. Welcome back.

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