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PHO Lost Max, Beat TRN


MVP: Tsui Ming Yan‘s (PHO #10) athleticism destroyed the division-leading Train. It was his 7th double-double (17-12) in the League, which ranks only behind H. F.C.’s Nikko Kwok (9 times). Tsui is averaging 8.5 points and 8.2 rebounds in six games this year. Clash…crash of the key-man Part I: Leung Sai Man‘s (TRN #7) absence was felt […]

Happy New Season


Tip Off! The League began in the busy two-week span right before the break for the Chinese New Year. Here is the January round-up.

Anfernee’s 15 Lift Avengers


MVP: The TEAM. Yung Huen Ling scored a team-high 15 points but next to nothing other than points, the guy is in the above picture only because this photo is nice, Leung Sai Man has only two points (but dished five times), the tallest Avengers was scoreless and Jerry Lee did not score in the final period. […]

Quarter Finals 2013


Quarter Finals 2013 Preview

Here Comes Play-offs 2013


The first round play-offs of Southorn Basketball League 2013 will tip-off on May 12.

2013, Fight!


The SBL 2013 started with a win by the defending champion MA YING over Dream Team.

Matrices Win It Thrice


Matrices defeat Avengers 38-28 in the Final Flag game on September 9 and is still the only team that have won the series which is just three years old.

Matrices First Lost, Still One Win Away from 3-Peat


A second and final game is needed to determine who wins the Southorn Basketball Flag like in the previous two years, as Avengers beat Matrices 41-35 on Sunday. The two teams will re-match on September 9, 17:00 at Sheung Wan Sports Centre.

Matrices Surging, Avengers… avenging


Avengers shook off from the loss on Day 1 and handled the again short-handed Ryders with a 58-29 victory at Harbour Road Sports Centre.

New Environment Again


Some players never change teams, some do. Several HOOPS.HK players are now playing for their third (or more) teams.