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SBL’16 Bracket Predictions

2016.03.23 12:05

HFC vs RYD in March 2015

Not a single match-up of SBL Play-offs 2016  is officially confirmed at this moment, but at least we could still have some predictions. In fact, the standings could only be finalized in the final seconds of the final game this Sunday.

Second Round Match-Ups (1/4 Final)

Unless Millennium really wanted to forfeit their next game, they are confirmed with (at least) a second place which will put H.F.C. as the third team in the group and the latter will have a fixture against the win-less Ryders on April 17 tentatively.

In the first game this Sunday, BKIDS and MLN could decide which team should be the top seed, and the other be the second.

Train could also confirm a second seed if they can take a victory from the unbeaten EMPEROR, but that means the final standings would only be known after this very last game of the division stage.

First Round Match-Ups

Besides the very likely match-up of HFC-RYD, otherwise, things are actually complicated and hopefully the above diagram has already listed all possibilities.

In all cases, SAMURAI would not be second, but they could make things easier because they will be fixed at third if they win. However, that will only happen in the second last game this Sunday. If they are 3rd, they would again face the lowly SOUTHRON Tigers in the first round.

If SAM and TRN won at the same time, there would be a three-way tie which their standing was explained. The order will be TRN (4-2) > SAM (4-2) > XPX (4-2)

If SAM lost and TRN won, the order will be TRN (4-2) > XPX (4-2) > SAM (3-3);

If SAM lost and TRN lost, the order will be XPX (4-2) > TRN (3-3) > SAM (3-3), which is the same as the current standings;

If SAM won and TRN lost, the order will be XPX (4-2) > SAM (4-2) > TRN (3-3).

GRIZZ could decide their final standing (ant that of Fluke) with a win which would give them a 4th place and a fixture against… yet unknown opponent; or if they lose, they will start with NEW EMPEROR in the playoffs.

i.e. GRI win = confirm GRI-NEP; GRI lose = confirm FLK-NEP

*** This is a rather quick summary, please kindly let us know if you find any mistake.

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