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Flag 14 #8 – X Is Still At 8th


The Expendables X tried, but still fell to only the 8th-place game, which they’ve won it.

Flag 14 #9 – Struggling Ryders


It’s now two full years since Ryders first joined SBA. While they are fighting hard, they cannot close this summer series with a victory.

Happy New Season


Tip Off! The League began in the busy two-week span right before the break for the Chinese New Year. Here is the January round-up.

M.I.B. outlasted H.F.C. in OT Win


H.F.C. will try for a second championship in next season. Corn Hui scored four of his game-high 17 points in overtime and led M.I.B. to Final for the first time after beating H.F.C. in a 37-34 victory.

M.I.B. Defeat SAMURAI by 6-Man Rotation Again


Chi Fu Yuen dominates the glass with 11 rebounds. Despite having only five dressed players in the first half and a total of six players taken the floor, M.I.B. started the game by a 6-0 run and held SAMURAI scoreless in the first period. The men in black did not trail in the whole game and went on to be the first winner […]

WIL 22, CHA 29


Yuen Ki Chu and Yin Ho scored 11 and 6 points from the bench and helped Challengers to take a first victory since the team joined the league last season.