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Chiu edged Leo to beomce She-Key King


After tying Seung Lung Chin (Leo, DRE) at the free-throw spot within one minute and thirty seconds, Chi Chiu Au (SAM) spent only 13 more seconds to complete the game and become winner of the She-Key Contest.

Trojans become 3-time champion


Trojans become a 3-time champion after beating MA YING 37-33 in the Southorn Basketball League Final 2011.

Collapsed Dream Team miss Semi-Final


The two-time champion Dream Team has as their streak of reaching final four snapped at four after a 30-47 blow-out loss to H.F.C.

LAS 1st win, SAM 2nd loss


LA Star failed to make free throws to keep and extend their lead early, but they hung on to get a first victory since joining the League.

New Team Ma Ying Win League Debut


Former T-REX Chung Ming Mok led all scorers of the night with 22 points and Ma Ying for a 50-36 league debut victory. Danny Ho added 12 points and six rebounds, Otto Chan collected a game-high 10 rebounds and added eight points for the new team this season.