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Flag Ready: Number Eight as the 8th

2013.05.29 11:27

(Okay, okay… you are in.)

Soon after we have the “one more wanted” update, the player number 8 and his Photons is confirmed as the 8th team for the upcoming Southorn Basketball Flag 2013.

The eight teams are (in alphabetical order):

  1. Chung Sing
  2. M.I.X.*
  3. Mystery*
  4. Photons
  5. Ryders
  7. SOUTHORN Tigers
  8. Twisters*

* New teams

A lottery session will be held this Sunday during the Semi-Finals of Southorn Basketball League and we have invited the son of the 700-point player, who will T-R-Y to pick up the lottery pieces by his hands (hopefully some saliva… too):

Chung SingHarris WongM.I.X.MysteryPhotonsRydersSAMURAISOUTHORN TigersTabo ChakTwisters