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Play-offs Preview

2014.04.21 10:53

The Southorn Basketball League 2014 has one game day left before the play-offs begin. Unless there are more teams going to forfeit another game, only two match-ups is not determined.

Please note the tentative dates for play-offs of SBL is updated:

  • May 18 (First Round)
  • May 25 (Second Round)
  • June 8 (Semi-Final)
  • June 22 (Final)

Even both Train (4-1) and GRIZZ (4-1) forfeit their last game, Photons (3-3) is still locked a third place in FORCE Division and will face Mystery (0-5), which locked the 6th spot in FLIGHT. It will be a first meeting between these two teams.

BKIDS (3-2) just need to show up and will rank 3rd as they own the tie-breaker against both SOUTHORN Tigers (2-4) and SP99 (1-4). If SP99 beat Mystery on April 27, the new team this season will be 4th and SOUTHORN Tigers will be 5th while all three teams mentioned here have 8 points.

In other words, the 6th-placed Ryders (0-5) is most likely to face BKIDS in the first round, while The Expendables X (2-4) shall meet SP99. And the first opponent of SAMURAI (3-2, 4th) has a high chance to be SOUTHORN Tigers.

Unbeaten EMPEROR (6-0) and H.F.C. (4-1) will enter play-offs this season as the top and second seed respectively.

Standings through April 13:

Tentative play-offs match-ups:

BKIDSEMPERORGRIZZH.F.C.MysteryPenny WanPhotonsRydersSAMURAISouthorn Basketball LeagueSOUTHORN TigersSP99Tabo ChakThe Expendables XTrain
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