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Taiwan Hoops


Here are some random hoops in Taipei.

Best Original Four Yet


SOUTHORN Tigers escaped from being losing a single game by a two-point victory against SAMURAI on the third day of Original Four 2014, become the winner this year.

Dream Team Lost 3 In A Row, 38-50


Lai Ngai Fai (SPN #25) scored a game-high 17 points and helped Spartans to win 50-38 on Sunday and improved to 2-1. Desperately looking for a first win this season, the two-time champion Dream Team lost a third straight game this season.

New faces, and an old face


Three new teams joined the Southorn Basketball League in coming season. B.O.B.: Connected from Penny Wan of Dream Team, B.O.B. is one of the two completely new teams this year. B.O.B. should be acronym of Baptist Old Boys. La Star: Another new team to the league come by an interesting story — “Summoned” to join […]



(Jean Grey “Phoenix” from Marvel.com) There are not a lot of basketball players died in a game, but the basketball life of a player could end when they, for instance, lost just one single ligament or broke a tiny little bone. Some of these unfortunate players have come back, and some could be even stronger than before […]

Who are Your NBA Top 10?


At this point, who are your top 10 NBA players?

Collapsed Dream Team miss Semi-Final


The two-time champion Dream Team has as their streak of reaching final four snapped at four after a 30-47 blow-out loss to H.F.C.

LAS 1st win, SAM 2nd loss


LA Star failed to make free throws to keep and extend their lead early, but they hung on to get a first victory since joining the League.

Jan 16 Round-Up


Two weeks into the season, Chung Sing’s brief (and amazing) lead in division with their season-opening victory is done as GRIZZ took a second win to top it after edging La Star. Dream Team also played two games and dropped Chung Sing to third in standings. H.F.C. started 2011 with a 62-30 victory and is […]

Defending Champ advance to Semi-Final


Chow and Wan celebrates the victory. Man Chun Chow led all scorer by 13 points, Ka King Wan and Chung Hong Tsoi each added 11 for Dream Team, who has four players scored in double figures in a 47-37 quater-final victory over T-REX and the defending champion advanced to Semi-Final.