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SBL 2013 1st-Round Schedule

2013.04.30 14:14

The first round of Southorn Basketball League will be held on May 12.

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Perhaps this is something harder than memorizing Pi, but it is always a good thing to remember these:

  • The team listed first (e.g. GRIZZ in the GRI-DRE match-up) is “TEAM A” (Home team);
  • TEAM A will take the bench ON THE LEFT SIDE of the scorer’s table;
  • TEAM A will have their pre-game warm up at the court ON THE RIGHT SIDE of the scorer’s table;
  • Vice versa for “TEAM B”.

Click here to view FIBA Basketball Rules 2012.

If you don’t even know what is the “scorer’s table”, here you are a capture of page 8 of the official rules:

[ Southorn Basketball Flag will be coming soon ]

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