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The Old, The New and The Champion

2014.11.21 16:03

After ten of the 14-team capacity was filled more than a week ago, three more teams joined the Southorn Basketball League 2015 and leaving only one empty box on the homepage (see screen shot below). ONE MORE TEAM to go!

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We need only one more team and the 14-team setting will be finalized, i.e. two groups of seven teams playing in a single round-robin, followed by the play-offs (single knock-out stage) by the first six teams in each group.

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Since last week, three more teams joined and they are: an old team led by former SAMURAI Au Chi Chiu called Old Man Group (OMG); a new team which is an extension of EMPEROR, simply called NEW EMPEROR (NEP); and the defending champion Photons. Reigning Flag winner BKIDS look to skip 2015 as it was reported.

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List of teams joined 2015:

  1. Chung Sing (CHU)
  3. The Expendables X (XPX)
  4. Fluke (FLK)
  5. H.F.C. (HFC)
  6. GRIZZ (GRI)
  8. Old Man Group (OMG)
  9. Photons (PHO)
  10. Ryders (RYD)
  12. SOUTHORN Tigers (SOU)
  13. Train (TRN)
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