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See you at Mongkok!


(A photo stolen from the Internet again.) Are you ready?

Points Scored in League


As H.F.C. advance, Tabo could have three more games to reach another milestone in the Southorn Basketball League.

PHO Edged EMP, Won First Title


Photons handed EMPEROR their first loss this year in the most important game of the League season and become the champion 2014.

Unbeaten B.B.B. Edged Dream Team


MVP: Perhaps an MVP is not always on the winning team. Chiu Ka Wai singlehandedly kept Dream Team in the low-scoring game, had 14 of the team’s first 16 points through the middle of the third period. (But it was the number four on the other team that took over in the final period, see […]

Quarter Finals 2013


Quarter Finals 2013 Preview

PHO Fight DRE for Position


Photons will face Dream for better seed on April 21.

Take Care, Everybody


Yes, injury is very common in sports. But it does still mean we should pay attention to as much as how good we play the game. Passion or “heart” is not the everything we need for the game. The third game day was held on the 50th birthday of Michael Jordan, but there were two […]

Looking At A Milestone


The milestone watch is finally back as a webpage that can be checked. H.F.C. is now entering their seventh season in Southorn Basketball League and their leading scorer looks to reach another milestone. Tabo Chak (HFC #92) has scored 648 points in 52 games played in the League (676 if those in the Flag is also […]



(Jean Grey “Phoenix” from Marvel.com) There are not a lot of basketball players died in a game, but the basketball life of a player could end when they, for instance, lost just one single ligament or broke a tiny little bone. Some of these unfortunate players have come back, and some could be even stronger than before […]

New Team B.B.B. scored 53 against Dream Team


Big man Chan Chi Lung (BBB #32) scored 18 points and 11 rebounds, Tony Cheung (BBB #0) was perfect from the field and at line for 14 points and added ten boards as the two double-doubles lifted new team B.B.B. for a 53-42 victory over Dream Team, the former two-time champion that lost two straight […]