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New Environment Again


Some players never change teams, some do. Several HOOPS.HK players are now playing for their third (or more) teams.

Best Original Four Yet


SOUTHORN Tigers escaped from being losing a single game by a two-point victory against SAMURAI on the third day of Original Four 2014, become the winner this year.

Nine Teams in Flag 14


Two new, seven old: nine teams will be fighting for the Flag this summer.

Next: “Elite Eight”


A round up of May 12 and also the schedule upcoming.

Nikko Double-Double, HFC Rout SOU 50-33


HFC won two straight while SOU lost Wilson and the game, two losses in a row.

2013, Fight!


The SBL 2013 started with a win by the defending champion MA YING over Dream Team.

SBL 2013 Lottery Result


Here is a quick update of the SBL 2013 Lottery Result: Thanks KKK (the girl in the movie), Gilbert, SLM and Dickson for helping. (TRO written on the result sheet which should be AVN). If you serious/silly enough, feel free to view the video record of the lottery today. FORCE Divison   FLIGHT Division Spartans […]

Raimondian Game 2012


日期:6月10日(星期日) 地點:港灣道體育館 時間:下午5時正 晚餐聚會:暫定7時30分附近的酒家 2011年球員名單: 「港島(堅毅)隊」 「九龍新界(力行)隊」 4 Chang Ka Ming Dennis 張嘉銘 3 Chan Wai Fu Dennis 陳慧富 5 Wong Wai Chun Samuel 黃維俊 6 Fu Kwan Lun 傅崑崙 7 Wong Yick Nam Benny 黃奕楠 7 Chan Ernest 陳允進 11 Tong Wang Kei Frankie 湯宏基 9 Kwan Yui Ching 關銳正 12 Chan Cheuk Lun […]

CHU now 5-0, RYD and SOU still winless


[ Mar 11 Round-Up ] Chung Sing now 5-0, Ryders and SOUTHORN Tigers still win-less

PHO, CHU Surging, SOU, RYD Continue Slump


[ March 4 Round-Up ] CHU, PHO remain unbeaten, RYD, SOU still win-less.