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Matrices Surging, Avengers… avenging


Avengers shook off from the loss on Day 1 and handled the again short-handed Ryders with a 58-29 victory at Harbour Road Sports Centre.

May Round-Up: Done in SBL


SOUTHORN Tigers came as close as a tie in the final period against GRIZZ in the first round playoffs but was out-lasted and exited after the 38-49 loss on May 16. Benny Wong scored 16 points and became the first Tiger ever to average double-digit scoring (11.4 ppg) in a season. In the same afternoon, […]

MA YING soars to final four


Six players scored 5 or more points to lead a balanced attack for MA YING to rout SAMURAI in a 45-24 victory. Jackie Lai and Patrick Lai each scored 8 points in another sluggish performance which is not enough to help them win a second playoff game.

March-April Round Up


SOUTHORN Tigers wasted another lead against Trojans and lost 44-57, but bounced back in the following game in an 57-53 overtime victory against new SBL team MA YING. After a 41-31 rout against D.S.F., Tigers improved to 3-3. The return of Patrick Tse boosted the teams’ overall performance despite missing games from Ray Chan and […]

Jackie poured 18 and 11 in tough loss


Jackie Lai became the first SAMURAI to score a double-double with 18 points and 11 boards. He brought his team from a seven point deficit to a tie. But H.F.C. beat SAMURAI in a second straight game in final second and remained unbeaten this season.

GTE, SAM re-match in Final again


Lok Ming Sin, kind of in a replacement for the injured Dennis Chang, scored 13 points in his first game for SAMURAI and Eric Leung hit four treys for 12 points in a 46:25 victory over M.I.B., who has nine points from Jefferson Tong and seven from Dickson Chau. Shorthanded M.I.B. filled its bench with teenagers who […]

PHO Edged SAM, Remains Unbeaten


Ming Yan back to earth, Harris was quiet, Photons still unbeaten. It does not matter when your team played a slugguish game, when your opponent is the same. Photons might have their worst game so far this season but on Sunday, they faced SAMURAI, who played not that good either, and took a 28-26 victory […]

Silent Night: M.I.X. And Match


Eric and SAMURAI revenged against M.I.B. finally, but not even a gaol attempt was needed. M.I.B. did not have five players to show up and the game was lost by forfeit (0:20). M.I.B. will finally have a chance to meet SOUTHORN Tigers in the series when they fight for the 3rd place on December 14 […]

M.I.B. Defeat SAMURAI by 6-Man Rotation Again


Chi Fu Yuen dominates the glass with 11 rebounds. Despite having only five dressed players in the first half and a total of six players taken the floor, M.I.B. started the game by a 6-0 run and held SAMURAI scoreless in the first period. The men in black did not trail in the whole game and went on to be the first winner […]

This day 14 years ago, we tipped off!


If just four teams can form a league, so the league is formed. The first season of Southorn Basketball League was a two-phase event with the four teams taking part in a single round-robin format, so they will fight for a “standing” (sorry, there is no “home-court” thus no advantage for that) before they enter […]