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Nikko Double-Double, HFC Rout SOU 50-33


HFC won two straight while SOU lost Wilson and the game, two losses in a row.

EMP to Defend Title at MacPherson Stadium against TRN


While we cannot yet know which two teams to be play in the Final in the USA, there are two teams will fight for championship in Kowloon.

SBL Scoring List


The League is now almost ten years old, and the statistical numbers have accumulated so much, while we may never say we are really professional statisticians, but at least besides fouls, points is the single most consistent and accurate statistics among all others.

Welcome to Six Hundred


Chow Man Chun (EMP #26) scored eight points in semifinal against Fluke and it was exactly his 600th points in Southorn Basketball League. He is the 4th player to the club joining Tabo Chak (HFC #92), Nikko Kwok (HFC #84) and Michael Chan (OMG #10).

Points Scored in League


As H.F.C. advance, Tabo could have three more games to reach another milestone in the Southorn Basketball League.

PHO Lost Max, Beat TRN


MVP: Tsui Ming Yan‘s (PHO #10) athleticism destroyed the division-leading Train. It was his 7th double-double (17-12) in the League, which ranks only behind H. F.C.’s Nikko Kwok (9 times). Tsui is averaging 8.5 points and 8.2 rebounds in six games this year. Clash…crash of the key-man Part I: Leung Sai Man‘s (TRN #7) absence was felt […]

HFC Score Last-Minute Win Against AVN


MVP(s): Two players not named Nikko Kwok. HFC led by 10 points at half and still by six after early in the 4th, but a 9-0 run helped AVN to take a 39-35 lead. Tabo Chak failed to record a single field goal in the second half but made two that tie the game. He […]

The Leading Scorers


(Sorry, we cancelled any prize or award for the scoring leader since a few seasons ago already.) Chiu Ka Wai (DRE #4) has his season ended with Dream Team’s loss in the second round, but he is still leading the league with exactly 13 points per game. Kenny Tsang (BBB #4) averaged 12.3 points per game […]

B.B.B. Hold Off Rally, Top H.F.C. To Advance


MVP: Kenny Tsang‘s line is outstanding again, 17 points, eight rebounds and three assists, and 12 of those points came from the 4th period, when H.F.C. looked to rally.

H.F.C. Advanced To Semi-Final


MVP: Tabo Chak reached a milestone and was 12-3-4-3 in the win that put H.F.C. to semi-finals, just he may not do it without a moster game by Nikko Kwok, who became the only the second player to scored 25 points and 10 rebounds. He was 5-on-8 and made both free throws in the final […]