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Stephen poured 21 in OT Win


Stephen Tsang scored 21 points and Bryant Chan hit two three pointers in overtime to outlast D.S.F. in a 46-42 victory on February 7 at Western Park.

Best Original Four Yet


SOUTHORN Tigers escaped from being losing a single game by a two-point victory against SAMURAI on the third day of Original Four 2014, become the winner this year.

Down The Stretch 2013 (Apr 7 Round-Up)


Four games finished on April 7 as the play-off picture is getting clearer.

GRIZZ Rout Depleted Tigers 43-28


GRIZZ beat short-handed Tigers 43-28 on Sunday behind 15 points from Tony Chow (GRI #11) and split their first two games in 2013 this year. Droste Stefan (GRI #24) was two points shy for a double-double with eights points and eleven boards.

Tigers Spoil Explorers’ Re-Union


It would be a very unusual circumstances when no other teams have more players than G.T. Explorers in any given night, but they really did on the first day of Original Four this year. SOUTHORN Tigers, however, still started the series by beating G.T. Explorers 49-31.

CHU now 5-0, RYD and SOU still winless


[ Mar 11 Round-Up ] Chung Sing now 5-0, Ryders and SOUTHORN Tigers still win-less

Chung Sing rout Sluggish Tigers 45-36


Chung Sing rout SOUTHORN Tigers 46-35 in 2012 debut.

SAMURAI beat M.I.B. and Tigers to win O4


SAMURAI won two games in the three-team Original Four which ended on Sunday after three games played at Shek Tong Tsui Sports Centre.

MA YING soars to final four


Six players scored 5 or more points to lead a balanced attack for MA YING to rout SAMURAI in a 45-24 victory. Jackie Lai and Patrick Lai each scored 8 points in another sluggish performance which is not enough to help them win a second playoff game.

Round 2, Fight!


Take a break, but it’s a short one. The first round this year started with an upper-seed loss, followed by two blow-outs and finished with a sluggish close-fight which still ended as a double-digit loss at last. And the next round is May 23.