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Working Overtime


In just the first month of 2015, three games needed overtime to determine a winner. One of them even needed two.

PHO Lost Max, Beat TRN


MVP: Tsui Ming Yan‘s (PHO #10) athleticism destroyed the division-leading Train. It was his 7th double-double (17-12) in the League, which ranks only behind H. F.C.’s Nikko Kwok (9 times). Tsui is averaging 8.5 points and 8.2 rebounds in six games this year. Clash…crash of the key-man Part I: Leung Sai Man‘s (TRN #7) absence was felt […]

Happy New Season


Tip Off! The League began in the busy two-week span right before the break for the Chinese New Year. Here is the January round-up.

Winner 2013: Photons


Considered one of best teams in SBA for long, Photons grabbed a first title in Flag 2013.

Photons First SBA Title


Photons beat SAMURAI a second time in one week and become the winner of Southorn Basketball Flag 2013.

One Point Shy of 700


Tabo reached 699 League points on April 7. Nikko top rebound list.

MAY Edged PHO in Final Re-Match


MA YING won three straight

Third Time’s the Charm Champion


It took three attempts in a row for MA YING to finally become a Champion in Southorn Basketball League.

A Brand New Champion


Photons will face MA YING in the championship game on June 10.

No Distance Left to Run


[ SBL 2012 Playoffs – Round 2 recap ] The second round play-offs this year is simply one-sided.